About Us

Game Changer Development is not your average personal training company.  We believe that a person can and will find purpose when working toward obtaining their optimal physical and mental health. Working out should be something that you want to do everyday, but if you are like most people it is hard figuring out where to start. We are here to help empower you with the knowledge you need to take control of your fitness. We are working to transform lives with the ultimate goal of helping to better our communities. Knowledge. Impact. Community. Empowerment.  We are changing the game of fitness one pound at a time.  





If you are looking for the ultimate education and experience in weightloss for YOUR body type then PT is the right choice for you.  We focus on teaching each client how to optimize their workouts for maximum results.  With a proven track rate of success, our combonation of cardio, diet and weights is guaranteed to get you the results you desire. We will push you to your limits each and every time, so you better come ready to work.  

            GROUP TRAINING


We offer a variety of group training classes to help and keep your workout experience fun and exciting.  Whether you are looking for a cardio based bootcamp, dance fitness or our renowned Torch bootcamp, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.  We cultivate a high energy environment that is sure to keep you excited and wanting more.  



As a former collegiate athlete sports performance training is at the pulse of each and every Game Changer workout.  If you are looking to build strength and stamina for your sport then this is the option for you.  We incorporate Ignite 360 techniques and training to measure each athletes physical abilities, creating a baseline for us to build upon.  Whether it is increasing flexibilty, stamina, power, speed and/or agility we will get you to your next level of performance.